By Celina Semedo

Frederic Galliano feat. Pai Diesel – Até Quando

Audio Piero

After having produced a dozen albums in the Mandecountries of West Africa: Guinea, Mali, and Senegal, Frédéric Galliano is back from Angola with a furious new urban sound from Angola: The sound of the youth and the clubs of Luanda – this is Kuduro!

The track featured here “Pai Diesel – Até quando” is a great example of this new musical style of “kuduro”. Think congotronics meets house meets hip hop. As South Africa has Kwaito, the carribean islands haveReggaeton, now Angola has Kuduro. Fun little elements of carribean culture show themselves in this music. I challenge you to listen to this track and hear the “kuduro” chants in the chorus and not start to think of reggaeton.

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