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By Luís Martins

Maybeshewill – We Called For An Ambulance But A Fire Engine Came

Maybeshewill are an instrumental band from Leicester, UK. Maybeshewill’s music is characterised by the use of electronic elements alongside more traditional ‘rock’ instrumentation. The band’s music is also littered with references to film and popular culture.  They released their first record Japanese Spy Transcript on the band’s own label, Robot Needs Home Records in 2006 with Tanya Byrne on bass guitar and Lawrie Malen on drums. The 4 track EP was well received by press and attracted the attention of Nottingham’s Field Records who released “The Paris Hilton Sex Tape” as part of a split 7” single with Ann Arbor later that year. In August 2006 a re-mastered version “Japanese Spy Transcript” was released in Japan on theXTAL label  which was set up specifically for the release by The Media Factory Group. 
A three track double A-Side CDR single, ‘Seraphim & Cherubim / Heartflusters’ was released by the band on 21st September 2007 on Robot Needs Home Records, which featured two songs from the forthcoming album as the title tracks, as well as a remix of Japanese Spy Transcript-era track “The Paris Hilton Sex Tape” by Robin Southby under his Turboshinboy alias. This release was intended as a teaser for the album.The band have described their sound as “instrumental rock with electronics”, while Drowned In Sound described them as sounding “like Mogwai would if the latter had ever found love in an arthouse cinema. And then were beaten around the head with a keyboard”.


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By Moutinho

These New Puritans – Elvis


These New Puritans (formed in 2006) are a four-piece band from Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom, consisting of Jack Barnett (vocals, guitar, computer, sound), his twin brother George Barnett (drums, tapes, percussion), Tomas Hein (bass guitar, sampler, backing vocals, percussion) and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson (synthesizers). They mix indie with samplers and electronic experimental sounds. 

These New Puritans were commissioned by Hedi Slimane to compose the soundtrack for the 2007 Dior Homme show. The band’s debut album “Beat Pyramid” was released in the UK in January 2008.


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By Filipa

Mauri Antero Numminen – Uppå källarbac 



Mauri Antero Numminen (born 12 March 1940, Somero) is one of the best-known Finnish artists, who has worked in several different fields of music and culture.
In the 1960s M.A. Numminen was known particularly as an avantgarde/underground artist, stirring controversy with such songs as
Nuoren aviomiehen on syytä muistaa (“What a young husband should remember”; the lyrics of the song were taken directly from a guide to newly married couples, and included advice on foreplay) and Naiseni kanssa eduskuntatalon puistossa (“With my woman at the parliament house’s park”). Additionally, M.A. Numminen has been one of the unsung pioneers of Finnish electronic music, known for his collaborations with the composer and inventor Erkki Kurenniemi who built for Numminen a “singing machine” with which Numminen participated in a singing contest in 1964, and in the late 60s the electronic instrument Sähkökvartetti (“Electric Quartet”), the performance of which wreaked havoc in a youth festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Sähkökvartetti can be heard on Numminen’s track ‘Kaukana väijyy ystäviä’ (1968).


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By Lena

BoysNoize – Lava lava 

Audio Piero

Ridha was born and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. Between the ages of six and fourteen, he practiced piano and drums. At the latter age, he began to purchase records and produced music with programs. At sixteen, he started to produce in a studio with a colleague who would later be known as D.I.M. He taught Ridha engineering over the next five years. When he became 21 years of age, Ridha moved to Berlin. Under the name Boys Noize, he has released records on French label Kitsuné Music, Tiga’s Turbo Records label, and on DJ Hell’s International DeeJay Gigolo Records. He has also remixed tracks for Tiga, Para One, Feist, Kreeps and Depeche Mode, as well as popular remixes of British indie anthems “Banquet” by Bloc Party and “Everyday I Love You Less and Less” by Kaiser Chiefs. Boys Noize’s tracks and remixes are played by DJs such as Erol Alkan, SebastiAn, 2 Many DJ’s, Meaty Pan, Tiga and Justice. Alex Ridha has also released EPs under the names 909d1sco and Kid Alex. Boys Noize released his debut album “Oi Oi Oi” in September 2007. The first single from the album is titled “Don’t Believe The Hype”, and features two remixes by Surkin. Boys Noize’s track entitled “& Down” has also been featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV on the Electro-choc and PLR radio station, and was also used as a sample for Estelle’s single American Boy. 

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By Marta Cachatra

Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) feat Pongo Love

Audio Piero

From the suburbs of Lisbon, Buraka Som Sistema brings us a new kind of “kuduro” (Angolan dance). It mixes electronic sounds with the traditional beat of Kuduro (or Kuduru), resulting in a estimulating sound for your ears.
The project is born out of the need to re-connect with urban music deepest realities. Musical genres like Kuduro or carioca funk are given a new lease and some dance-floor grease. Produced by DJ Riot, Lil’John (Cooltrain Crew/Enchufada) and Conductor (Conjunto Ngonguenha), with Kalaf as MC. Its all about trying to convey to a wider audience, novel approaches to musical creation, until now spawned in and restricted to urban outskirts and ghettos. DJ set which encompasses all the Portuguese street music as well as other neighbouring influences. Hardcore Kuduro dance floor session, no twitching! It is the fast-paced kuduro that sends the adrenaline soaring amongst the countrys youth. There is nothing that exemplifies newfound peace in Angola better than kuduro, this unique mixture of kizomba and techno now spreading into Europe via Portugal.

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By Celina Semedo

Frederic Galliano feat. Pai Diesel – Até Quando

Audio Piero

After having produced a dozen albums in the Mandecountries of West Africa: Guinea, Mali, and Senegal, Frédéric Galliano is back from Angola with a furious new urban sound from Angola: The sound of the youth and the clubs of Luanda – this is Kuduro!

The track featured here “Pai Diesel – Até quando” is a great example of this new musical style of “kuduro”. Think congotronics meets house meets hip hop. As South Africa has Kwaito, the carribean islands haveReggaeton, now Angola has Kuduro. Fun little elements of carribean culture show themselves in this music. I challenge you to listen to this track and hear the “kuduro” chants in the chorus and not start to think of reggaeton.

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By Jorge Teixeira

Crystal Castles – Crimewave

Audio Piero

Crystal Castles, named after the Crystal Castle from She-Ra: Princess of Power, formed in December 2003 as a project started by Ethan Kath. In April 2005, Alice Glass recorded vocals for five original instrumentals by Kath. The band’s first single was recorded “accidentally”: a microphone test by Glass was released through MySpace as “Alice Practice” in September 2005. Glass was not aware that it had been used until record companies heard the song and contacted the duo to offer them record deals.Since the release of “Alice Practice”, the duo announced plans to release their first full-length album on Last Gang Records, which was released in North America on 18 March 2008 and released in the UK on 28 April 2008.

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