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By Luís Martins

Maybeshewill – We Called For An Ambulance But A Fire Engine Came

Maybeshewill are an instrumental band from Leicester, UK. Maybeshewill’s music is characterised by the use of electronic elements alongside more traditional ‘rock’ instrumentation. The band’s music is also littered with references to film and popular culture.  They released their first record Japanese Spy Transcript on the band’s own label, Robot Needs Home Records in 2006 with Tanya Byrne on bass guitar and Lawrie Malen on drums. The 4 track EP was well received by press and attracted the attention of Nottingham’s Field Records who released “The Paris Hilton Sex Tape” as part of a split 7” single with Ann Arbor later that year. In August 2006 a re-mastered version “Japanese Spy Transcript” was released in Japan on theXTAL label  which was set up specifically for the release by The Media Factory Group. 
A three track double A-Side CDR single, ‘Seraphim & Cherubim / Heartflusters’ was released by the band on 21st September 2007 on Robot Needs Home Records, which featured two songs from the forthcoming album as the title tracks, as well as a remix of Japanese Spy Transcript-era track “The Paris Hilton Sex Tape” by Robin Southby under his Turboshinboy alias. This release was intended as a teaser for the album.The band have described their sound as “instrumental rock with electronics”, while Drowned In Sound described them as sounding “like Mogwai would if the latter had ever found love in an arthouse cinema. And then were beaten around the head with a keyboard”.


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