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By Chalita

Sloppy Joe – Burnin’ Ship 

Difference, what so many search for, can be found in the music and attitude of Sloppy Joe. 
They formed at the sound of ska and reggae with fullness of sound from dud, but quickly they had extended their range in influences. This is so vast, they end up loosing themselves in the mix of the all sonorities, the personal references, spread as they are in a all new multicultural, brand mark of the band.
The music of Sloppy Joe is pop and popular; comprimising and promising with race and multicultural, its universal, several versus; from land; from the end of land, portugal, the rest of the world.
Their live performances are described as a mix of gipsy wedding and a circus backstage, showing nowdays, volved a few years of roadtrips, other serenity and consistency, without loosing the exuberance from other times.
Where the Black Uhuru mix with the Mler Ife Dada and Manu Chao.


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By Dominguez

CAKE – Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Audio Piero

Cake is a band formed in 1991 in Sacramento, California. It has had several hits throughout the 1990s and 2000s from its five recorded albums. Although Cake’s music is often classified as alternative or indie rock, it combines multiple musical genres, such as funk, ska, pop, jazz, rap, and country. Cake’s music features droll lyrics rife with word play and syncopation (laconically-voiced in a rap-like style by lead vocalist/guitarist John McCrea), catchy distorted guitar riffs (courtesy of guitarist Greg Brown until 1998, and bass player to Victor Damiani until 1997), and a solo trumpet (played by Vince DiFiore). Cake’s musical style has been compared to They Might Be Giants, Talking Heads, The Cars, and Camper Van Beethoven. Cake’s biggest hits have included “The Distance”, “Never There”, “Sheep Go to Heaven” “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle”, “No Phone”, “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”, and an alternative remake of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. 


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By João Rosa

Brandi Carlile – The Story

Audio Piero

Brandi Carlile is an American singer and songwriter. Carlile’s music has been categorized in several genres, including pop, rock, alternative country, andfolk.
Columbia Records signed Carlile in late 2004 on the strength of songs she’d been recording periodically at home. Released in 2005, Brandi Carlile showcased those early songs along with several newly recorded tracks. Along with the Hanseroth brothers, forming the core of her band today, Brandi spent the better part of two years on the road honing the songs that would later become part of her album “The Story”.
Her second album, The Story, was released in April 2007. It was produced by T Bone Burnett and includes a collaboration with the Indigo Girls on “Cannonball.” The album was recorded in an eleven-day-long session with Carlile , the twins (Tim and Phil Hanseroth) and drummer Matt Chamberlain to capture the raw intensity of Carlile’s live performances. The crack in Carlile’s vocals during the title track, “The Story”, came out by accident and was a direct result of the way the album was recorded. Carlile herself describes the vocals as “technically wrong but emotionally right.”

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By Nuno Tomás

Mesa – O senhor Extra-Terrestre      

Audio Piero

Mesa is a portuguese pop band created in 2000 with three albums edited at the date. The crew members are Monica Ferraz, the vocalist, and the João Pedro Coimba, the drummer and the main song writer and composer of the band.
The first album, the self-titled debut, was released in May of 2003 with great critics reviews and the singles ‘Esquecimento’ and ‘Luz Vaga’ became the most popular songs. ‘Luz Vaga’ is a duet between Monica Ferraz and Rui Reininho, the vocalist of GNR. This album has won a Portuguese Golden Globe for the best album of 2003, a Dance-Club Music Award for the best album of the year and was also considered the best album in 2003 by the radio station ‘Antena 3’.
The band’s second album, ‘Vitamina’ has also received good reviews and has as first single the song ‘Arrefece’.
Launched in 2008 the third album, ‘Para Todo O Mal’ has as first single the song ‘Boca do Mundo (Chama)’.

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By Luís Teixeira

Róisín Murphy – The Truth

Audio Piero

The solo discography of Róisín Murphy, an Irish electronic music singer, consists of two studio albums, two live albums, seven singles, and five music videos. Murphy debuted in 1995 as lead singer of the electronic music duo Moloko. The duo achieved success in the United Kingdom, producing four top twenty singles. Moloko broke up in 2003 after Murphy had ended her relationship with musical partner Mark Brydon. Murphy’s first solo recordings, co-written and produced with Matthew Herbert, were released through three extended plays and were then compiled into her debut solo album Ruby Blue. Released in June 2005, the album was comprised of electronic, jazz and pop songs. It reached number eighty-eight on the UK Albums Chart and produced two singles. Overpowered, her second album, was released in October 2007. Incorporating various musical styles such as electronic, disco and house, the album received positive reviews from music critics. It reached the top twenty in the UK and produced three singles. In 2008, the album was shortlisted for the Choice Music Prize in Ireland.

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By Rudolfo Nobre

David Fonseca – The 80’s

Audio Piero

David Fonseca is a Portuguese musician. He’s a singer-songwriter, but he also plays several instruments, like acoustic guitar and organ. He is mainly recognised because of his successful music career. David Fonseca has dedicated his life to his love of music choosing to become a pop / rock alternative musician. Besides playing various instruments and being the author of almost all of his lyrics, he is also responsible for the graphic designs on his album covers. He has multiple musical influences by names such as Sérgio Godinho, Jeff Buckley, B-52’s, Pixies, Roy Orbison, Aphex Twin, Twisted Sister, Light Crust Doughboys and Ryan Adams, all of whom had a huge role in his musical creativity and individuality. He also mentioned in an interview with radio station “Antena 3” that he has an addiction to the group Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


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By Luís Martins

Peixe : avião – Atiro Ao Alvo

André Covas (guitar and synthesizer), Luis Fernandes (guitars and electronics), Pedro Oliveira (drums and percussion), Ronaldo Fonseca (voice and synthesizer) and Zé Figueiredo (bass and Mellotron), are the quintet that maintain a pop certainly post-Radiohead, with much of what the electronics had invented, finding a space through great lyricism that does not forbid them from expressing it, and a more measured rhythm that makes them something soft without ever throwing to the soft environments or more abstract


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