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By Tânia

Elvis Presley – Crawfish (Pilooski Edit)

Cedric Marszewski, aka Pilooski, has made a name for himself worldwide thanks to his mastering of the “edit” technique which consists in changing old musical treasures into aphrodisiac and hypnotic dance floor hits.
He has the gift for transforming a soul jewel and a disco nugget into psychedelic odyssey, or is it the other way around?
Pilooski restores the soulful and experimental side of club music.

Elvis Aron Presley, also known as “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” was an American singer, song producer and actor, who began his music career at Sun Records in the spring of 1954 when Sam Philips recorded Elvis performing several of Elvis’ favourite songs with Scotty Moore (guitar) and Bill Black (bass). During an active recording career that spanned more than two decades, Presley set and broke many records for both concert attendance and sales. He starred in 33 successful films, made history with his television appearances and specials, and knew great acclaim through his many, often record-breaking, live concert performances on tour and in Las Vegas. Globally, he has sold over one billion records, more than any other artist. 

Elvis remains a popular and enigmatic star. His legend has only grown stronger since his death.


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By Pedro Vintém

Rejects United – Lust Ode   

Audio Piero


And love for Rock’ n’ roll, are some of the few things that fuelled up 4 friends to unite and create a no bullshit, straight forward, old school rock band.

Combining powerful hard-rock riffs, heart-felt lyrics, and catchy choruses that stick to your ears like candy, Rejects United are influenced by the good old Rock (Guns’ n’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Danko Jones) Punk/Hardcore/Emo (My chemical romance, Everytime I Die, Dashboard Confessional) and even Metal( Pantera, Metallica, Atreyu). Every member of the band has already some years of experience in the music scene: João Campos (vocalist, rhythm guitar) played in Infatuation J., Same Old Suspects, Vitor Calado (bassist) came from Black Nepal, Micky Eight and Buckle Up, Paulo Spinola the lead guitarist played in Buckle Up and Same Old Suspects, and last but not least the drummer Rodrigo Alves plays in Tara Perdida and has played in the bands Starvan, Summer of Damien, and Micky Eight.

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