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By Chalita

Sloppy Joe – Burnin’ Ship 

Difference, what so many search for, can be found in the music and attitude of Sloppy Joe. 
They formed at the sound of ska and reggae with fullness of sound from dud, but quickly they had extended their range in influences. This is so vast, they end up loosing themselves in the mix of the all sonorities, the personal references, spread as they are in a all new multicultural, brand mark of the band.
The music of Sloppy Joe is pop and popular; comprimising and promising with race and multicultural, its universal, several versus; from land; from the end of land, portugal, the rest of the world.
Their live performances are described as a mix of gipsy wedding and a circus backstage, showing nowdays, volved a few years of roadtrips, other serenity and consistency, without loosing the exuberance from other times.
Where the Black Uhuru mix with the Mler Ife Dada and Manu Chao.


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