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By Filipa

The Walkmen – In the New Year

The Walkmen are an indie rock band from New York City. The band formed in
2000 with three members from Jonathan Fire*Eater—Paul Maroon (guitar,
piano), Walter Martin (organ/bass), and Matt Barrick (drums)—and two from
The Recoys, Peter Bauer (bass/organ) and Hamilton Leithauser (vocals,
guitar). All but Bauer attended St. Albans in Washington, D.C.

They prefer the sound of vintage musical instruments, particularly the
upright piano, and have often recorded at Marcata Recording, a recording
studio built in Harlem in 1999 by the three former members of Jonathan
Fire*Eater and later relocated to upstate New York.


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By Tânia Duarte

General Electrics – Techno Kid

Audio Piero

#1 General Electrics is a free electron

Behind this name hides RV (Hervé Salters), above all keyboard player, specialist of instruments from the 60’s and 70’s: Clavinetz, Hammond, Rhodes. RV marked his style within the Vercoquin band, accompanying M and, on the occasion of numerous invitations, in Shoki Shoki by Femi Kuti, in DJ Mehdi’s Spy Story, or, more recently, within the Qannum Collective. He is to be found on the forthcoming Blackalicious album, contributes his keyboarding skills to Lateef The Truth Speaker‘s and Chief Xcel’s project „Maroons” and their first album “Ambush”. 

#2 General Electrics is boundless
#3 General Electrics is unclassifiable
General Electrics belongs to those bands, which cannot be classified in a specific style. RV draws with the same urgency from the pop music, the hip-hop, the electronic music, the soul and jazz. With a very modest data processing equipment, RV mixes retro with electro, destroys and rebuilds, strokes then ill-treats sounds. Alternating instrumental with vocal tunes, RV achieves radical collages with Hip Hop, electronic and soul/funk music. “Cliquety Kliqk” is the outcome of this permanent mixture between “vintage” keyboard and electronic treatment. The result is a “modern” sound carrying with it the respect for the masters… which also is a visual experience, “Facing That Void” comes along with a fabulous video in tow! 
#4 General Electrics is sociable
General Electrics welcomes in three titles Lateef The Truth Speaker’s rhymes, the virtuoso MC from the Quannum stage (Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, Maroons).

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